I was excited to be approached by Caplan Estates, An agency in Loughton Essex, who required a ten metre long wall frieze for their office. I produced a series of drawings of landmark buildings in their area, which were printed onto bespoke wallpaper. My drawings have also been used on their website and literature. You […]

Around a year ago, I was introduced to game designer and all round excellent fellow, Mark Calver. Mark and his partner Janine had been working hard, perfecting a zombie card game. We met up in the Yellow Book (A Steampunk bar in Brighton UK) and played his game, with text only cards created in Word. Despite the […]

I have been working ways of using colour in my illustrations. These ink drawings have been “colorized” in Photoshop, using the Hue and Saturation tool with “colorize” ticked. I am quite pleased with the depth this effect can add to a drawing. any thoughts or criticisms are most welcome! The two pictures below are plates for my […]

Thanks for visiting this site.  I am reworking it at the moment and have not finished writing descriptions for the potfolio galleries. The shop is also out of action for now, but prints can still be ordered by getting in touch via the contact form. Please bare with me as I make the site easier […]

West Indian Pale Ale Launch

Last Saturday I went to the launch of West Indian Pale Ale (WIPA), by Downlands Brewery. The beer is called WIPA, it’s hoppy and flavourful with a tiny hint of coconut in the background. It is also bloomin’ strong at 6.5%. I had a great night with the lovely people of The Duke of Wellington […]

Projection Artwork for Gormenghast

I recently worked with Carabosse theatre company on their stunning adaptiation of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast. These pen and ink drawings were projection mapped onto the stage to form part of the set. I also got to meet Fabian Peake (Mervyn’s son) on the opening night and presented him with prints of my set drawings. He […]

So! I’ve been dreaming for YEARS of a large screen portable Cintiq which will run OSX (13″ has never really seemed big enough for an artist’s canvas). I even started designing my own DIY version a few years back, though I didn’t dare risk the money to try making it in the end. Finally one […]

I recently bought a Modbook Pro. A Cintiq-like, Mac tablet computer (custom made from a Macbook Pro). It is fantastic, but the Modbook software lacks the Display Toggle feature seen on Wacom Cintiqs, which allows switch screens in multiipke monitor set-ups, rather than spreading the input accross both screens. I use this feature several time […]