Fontana Milano 1915 animation and Flying City Illustration

This animation was created by an agency working for Fontana Milano 1915.

I drew all of the artwork used in the film. The original drawing is shown below, and it has been modified for the animation, but I really like what they have done with it.

The drawing was created in six layers with the original intention of having a parallax effect when viewing it online. In the end they opted for a more user-friendly interface on their website and made and animation instead.

Fontana Milano 1915 are a long established Couture handbag maker and leather workers. they make their own range of bags as well as bags for Chanel and other high class names.

I visited their factory in Milan which is housed in a beautiful old building. It was incredible seeing a everything being made by hand with such skill!

Their website is here:

And here is a detail from one of the layers:

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