Martian Tripod Limited Edition Prints nos. 1,2 and 3

I dream of a War of the Worlds film, set in it’s original locations and time period (late 1890s). Perhaps one day Mark Gatiss and the BBC will make a TV mini series? The BBC are excellent costume drama and Gatiss has a great sensibility for Genre work.

In the meantime I came up with these Martian Tripod prints. The idea was to create something, which might come from the late Victorian imagination, so they have the look of wrought iron and early diving suits. This is also why I wend for the Silhouette/Cameo look.

Their legs are inspired by Singer sewing machines and large beetles.

Each Tripod has a different pattern on the thigh parts, representing their clan.

I still have a few prints available of each version. Including a very limited number with a green “eye”.

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