15″ Retina, Modbook Pro X Kickstarter

So! I’ve been dreaming for YEARS of a large screen portable Cintiq which will run OSX (13″ has never really seemed big enough for an artist’s canvas). I even started designing my own DIY version a few years back, though I didn’t dare risk the money to try making it in the end.

Finally one seems to be on the horizon, The device my feavered imagination has longed for year after year. The only problem is it’s on Kickstarter! What if it doesn’t make it’s target? Don’t let this happen!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modbook/modbook-pro-x-154-retina-quad-core-mac-os-x-tablet

The Modbook Pro X will be a fully Cintiq-like portable Mac (with a much better screen than any Cintiq); featuring a 15.4-inch (diagonal) Apple Retina display with a 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution at 220 pixels per inch. Its digitizer pen offers 2,048 pressure levels, pen tilt and rotate functionality, programmable dual side-switches, a digital eraser and replacement nib set etc. There is also a really cool keyboard/easel stand.

Modbook Inc have a great track record with the ModBook Pro, So if you want one these, pledge now on Kickstarter (with an early bird discount) or perhaps it won’t make it into production.

Here’s a picture! (drool):


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