Modbook Pro Display Toggle/Switch Displays Solution

I recently bought a Modbook Pro. A Cintiq-like, Mac tablet computer (custom made from a Macbook Pro).

It is fantastic, but the Modbook software lacks the Display Toggle feature seen on Wacom Cintiqs, which allows switch screens in multiipke monitor set-ups, rather than spreading the input accross both screens.

I use this feature several time an hour, so it was important to add it somehow. After a bit of Googling I came accross this applescript by J J Hale for switching mapping to different monitors:

Assigning  J J’s Applescript apps to the Modbook pop up menu, solved the problem, here are the steps:

Download  J J Hale’s applescripts, unzip them and place the individual files in your Applications folder. Here is a direct download link:

The next step is to open up System Preferences and go to Modbook Preferences. Click the tab for Pop-up Menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 9.48.26 AM

Next, click the “Add” menu and choose “Open/Run”, selecting your “wacom_screen1”, “Wacom_screen_2” and “Wacom_All Screens” from your Applications folder.

Now the Applescripts will run when selected from the modscreen pop-up menu, but we still need to asign the pop up menu to the back pen button to allow easy screen toggling.

Now a click of the backpen button will bring up the Modbook pop up menu, where you can choose which screen to map your pen to.

I hope this will be helpful to someone.




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  1. You may want to update the toggle download as it’s either got the incorrect applet or damaged. I can’t recall where I got the working version a few months ago but it was linked to the old modbook support site.

    Works on both the the first modbook and the Modbook Pro.

    • Sorry for not getting back to you on this, I sold my Modbook so I have not really followed it up I’m afraid.

  2. Thanks for an article! I’m also downloaded this Applescript but can’t get it to work. I have a Bamboo Fun tablet.

    Do know anyone who experienced the same problems and actually solved them? I’ll be really appreciated!


    • I’m afraid to say that I haven’t owned a modbook for some time now, and so never came up with a solution, though I had heard that this no longer works. Also sorry to say I am one of the people who backed the Modbook Pro X on Kickstarter, which looks quite unlikely to materialize now. I hope I am wrong!

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