Modbook Pro Display Toggle/Switch Displays Solution

I recently bought a Modbook Pro. A Cintiq-like, Mac tablet computer (custom made from a Macbook Pro).

It is fantastic, but the Modbook software lacks the Display Toggle feature seen on Wacom Cintiqs, which allows switch screens in multiipke monitor set-ups, rather than spreading the input accross both screens.

I use this feature several time an hour, so it was important to add it somehow. After a bit of Googling I came accross this applescript by J J Hale for switching mapping to different monitors:

Assigning  J J’s Applescript apps to the Modbook pop up menu, solved the problem, here are the steps:

Download  J J Hale’s applescripts, unzip them and place the individual files in your Applications folder. Here is a direct download link:

The next step is to open up System Preferences and go to Modbook Preferences. Click the tab for Pop-up Menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 9.48.26 AM

Next, click the “Add” menu and choose “Open/Run”, selecting your “wacom_screen1”, “Wacom_screen_2” and “Wacom_All Screens” from your Applications folder.

Now the Applescripts will run when selected from the modscreen pop-up menu, but we still need to asign the pop up menu to the back pen button to allow easy screen toggling.

Now a click of the backpen button will bring up the Modbook pop up menu, where you can choose which screen to map your pen to.

I hope this will be helpful to someone.




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  1. You may want to update the toggle download as it’s either got the incorrect applet or damaged. I can’t recall where I got the working version a few months ago but it was linked to the old modbook support site.

    Works on both the the first modbook and the Modbook Pro.

  2. Thanks for an article! I’m also downloaded this Applescript but can’t get it to work. I have a Bamboo Fun tablet.

    Do know anyone who experienced the same problems and actually solved them? I’ll be really appreciated!


    • I’m afraid to say that I haven’t owned a modbook for some time now, and so never came up with a solution, though I had heard that this no longer works. Also sorry to say I am one of the people who backed the Modbook Pro X on Kickstarter, which looks quite unlikely to materialize now. I hope I am wrong!

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